Live social media video is growing thanks to Periscope, and of course, Facebook Live.

According to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, video use is on the increase. The report said 60% of marketers are currently using video, while 73% on using it more in the future.

Image Credit via Pixabay by JanBaby under Public Domain via Creative Commons

Meanwhile, half of the marketers intend on using live video platforms including Periscope and Facebook Live. Another 50% are eager to learn more on capitalizing on live video.

However, live video can wreak havoc on your brand if not used correctly.

According to Sports Illustrated, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown posted a Facebook Live video after they won 18-16 against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional playoffs. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin was caught dissing their upcoming AFC final opponents the New England Patriots, as “A-holes.” Not only did Brown’s gaffe of finding Tomlin cursing about their opponents show disrespect ahead of this game, but it also broke other ideas of etiquette including, locker room banter which normally is off-limits.  Brown later apologized for his error.

Ultimately it was a public relations blunder for the Steelers. Because of Mr. Brown’s action this provides some lessons in live video etiquette.

Whether you are Mr. Brown or someone who is planning live broadcasts for their small business, here are some simple tips to ensure your event goes smoothly.

  1. No Acts of Debauchery.

This is a no-brainer. Yes, Facebook Live or Periscope is a great tool to show your brand off and create some great social buzz.

However, this does mean you should not go acting like a drunken sailor cursing up a storm or doing the funky chicken. Harm may occur to your brand. Marketers need to plan ahead of the event to ensure this potential gaffes and miscues don’t happen. A dress rehearsal, and providing updates to all participants before going live will reduce potential gaffes.

  1. No Racial or Sexual References.

Number two makes common sense. No is no when it comes to making indecent racial or sexual comments. I call this an automatic red card. Do not even dare to make comments or content of a racial or sexual nature. You will drop points with possible new customers (who WERE maybe) thinking about buying your product and likely lose current customers. So just leave sexually or racial ideas off the table and put them in the BFI garbage bin.

  1. Ensure Privacy, Confidentiality, and Copyright.

Confidentiality and privacy when looking at etiquette for producing live video content, is severely needs more scrutiny. With many stories of privacy breaches ranging from Shoppers Drug Mart and Target, marketers need to address this prior to filming.

When preparing your broadcast, ensure all confidential company information (i.e. financial statements, bank statements, business plans) are not laid out showing in a public area. Rather, find a private place to store confidential documents where they are not within proximity of the broadcast.

As well, make sure there is nothing that will infringe on any potential copyright issues (including images and yes, even music. Check out the Creative Commons in looking for pictures or music for use while limiting copyright concerns.  On a personal note, I was at a Winnipeg Jets game recently and did a brief Facebook Live broadcast of the pregame warmup. However, I could not post the video up for those who wanted to view it later. The reason: there was a song in the background that may have infringed on copyright. I did not post the video. This lesson shows the need in being diligent to guarantee no faux pas on security, privacy or copyright issues.

When following these types, you will minimize your risk of creating controversy, and severe headaches for your brand. So work hard, have fun and have a blast when making your next live video.