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Twitter: A Powerful Customer Relationship Management Tool

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter, has been invaluable as a news feed. It’s a great social media network to check who is making breaking news, or who scored the latest touchdown in the NFL.

However, perhaps one underlying feature which sometimes gets lost in the social media shuffle, is how great Twitter is a customer service tool for companies to use in real-time.

Whether you are a big company or small organization, Twitter can help improve your customer relations without having to spend lots more money.

Image Credit by Pixelkult via Pixabay under the Creative Commons Public Domain

Why is Twitter a great tool for customer service departments to use? First off, companies can instantly meet consumer responses quickly to satisfy their needs. We often hear of stories when departments do not get back to customers right away when dealing with problems. Analysts recommend responding to complaints on social media within one hour, if possible.  Customer service can then acknowledge the concern, and take the time to research the problem. Let the power of Twitter come in now as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

An initial exchange of dialogue occurs between the customer and the customer service department of the five W’s (who, what, where, when, and why) of the problem. Videos and photos show the customers concern. After the initial exchange, the customer service department should get enough information possible to take the situation offline, via Twitter’s direct message feature to resolve the problem. Twitter’s feed, allows for simple and fluid conversation between the customer and the organization.

One example which uses Twitter effectively in helping resolve customer concerns is Winnipeg Transit. Transit acknowledges on a daily basis when they are there to take concerns. They acknowledge the ridership in a decent amount of time, have a quick and fluid exchange of information on the concern. Then Transit requests further information by a direct message to get back to the rider to resolve their issue. A personal example of this was back in February 2016, while I was on a local Winnipeg Transit bus, I was live streaming, and an incident occurred between a driver and a passenger wanting to get on. Fortunately, the stream was hash tag with #Winnipeg, and #WinnipegTransit. Winnipeg Transit customer service tweeted me within a matter of moments, and I explained the situation. They then direct message me for more information. While I don’t know what happened with the aftermath, Winnipeg Transit’s rapid response to my video stream shows how effective Twitter is for responding to customer issues.

Besides using resolving concerns, Twitter is great in building customer loyalty. A shocking stat from post notes it companies 500% more to get new customers, compared to keeping its current base. Twitter can help reduce these costs by building a bridge with customer and brand.

One company which excels at using Twitter in maintaining customer loyalty is JetBlue, the sixth largest US airline, focused on low-cost. JetBlue has used Twitter to rapidly respond to customer inquiries and helping to put a smile on customer’s faces with a team who according to does not respond blindly to every tweet, to provide very valuable service to its customers. From May 2009 to August 2009 JetBlue’s Twitter account increased from 500,000 followers to 1 million, a dramatic increase in a very short span. It currently has over 2 million followers.

If you are a company, who is looking to provide value to its customer service and has not yet, Twitter is a great way to add value as a CRM tool for your business heading into 2017.

Social Media Trends To Watch For in 2017

Image Credit: LoboStudioHamburg – Public Domain via Creative Commons

With 2016 nearing the end, it’s time to look start looking ahead to 2017. With a new year coming up, it’s time to start looking out what trends people will be talking about in 2017:

  1. Continue Rise of Video: During the early days of social media, posts were composed of blogs, news articles, and photos, and recorded video. Today, video content is on the rise. Having video content is becoming a critical component of one’s social media campaign. Social Media Examiner’s 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report 73% of marketers were planning to increase their content in 2016.  With a smartphone, it’s very easy for someone to create high-quality video content on the cheap. With Facebook now adding Facebook Live for standard use, Plus Twitter’s Periscope, now marketers can create live content for their community to watch. It’s exciting especially for small businesses who are looking for an inexpensive marketing opportunity to build their niche brand.
  1. Expanding User Experiences: Expect next year social media companies to continue to tap new possibilities. This year saw some interesting developments when creating an exceptional social media customer experience. We saw Twitter start broadcasting live National Football League games within the US, showing exciting new opportunities to exploit social networks. In the world of social media where everything changes so rapidly, anything is possible as companies are in a dogfight to remain fresh. Increasing user experiences is one thing we will see in 2017.
  1. The Fork Between Social Commerce & The Sharing Economy: Next year will see further growth within this sphere. According to Wikipedia, social commerce was first coined in 2005. It’s not just about browsing for new shoes through Wal-Mart’s Facebook page but involves new ways of purchasing. Now tie that within the sharing economy. Airbnb, Uber, ring a bell? These two examples rely on the power of social networks and the sharing economy. Kickstarter, Mosaic, the list goes on and on of leveraging social media in developing the sharing economy. Expect 2017 to see unique innovations between social media and the sharing economy.
  1. Integration of Social Media and IoT: One trend I look forward to seeing how it grows is the marriage of social media and the Internet of Things (IoT), possibly creating of innovative new products. I covered IoT for Smart Biz magazine, where I discussed its potential. I have a feeling we are going to see some cool things come out. Smart Grids will utilize IoT, which will then use social media, allowing consumers to show how much money they have saved while being more energy-efficient. Your fridge will tell you to get more apples at the local store. These may seem wacky, but in this day and age, anything is possible. Social media marketers should embrace the oncoming IoT onslaught of “social media for machines” with new ideas and products to meet up with the future demand for connected devices.

These are a few of the trends to dominate the ever-changing world of social media technology in 2017. So sit down and enjoy the ride.


Welcome to Salay Consulting

Hello, and welcome to Salay Consulting & Social Media Services. I am very happy to get this business slowly off the ground. Like every good thing, it takes a while. We are living in some exciting times. Social media have changed how we communicate. We can connect with anyone in the world with the touch of a smart phone. Renewable energy and cleantech is moving at an advanced pace, and is making many utilities re think how they do business in order to meet millennial demands.

Salay Consulting offers many services, which cater towards the needs of the 21st century business world. Basic social media services, cleantech/renewable energy writing and analysis. I also offer consulting and speaking engagement on tech trends.

If you are wondering why I named this business Salay Consulting & Social Media Services, I decided to name it after the Michif word for sun, which is a Metis language. I wanted to honor my metis background, and figure I would do it this way.

I think year one will be a fun and challenging time. I look forward to meeting new contacts, building new ideas, while growing an exciting, new side business, which I hope to make it full-time in the future.


Adam Johnston

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