Here is your weekly roundup of the unique, hottest stories related to cleantech, and climate policy for the week of September 17, 2017.

Image Credit via Pixabay by Alexas_Fotos Under Public Domain via Creative Commons

Mars Inc. who owns M&M’s is getting creative within supporting the battle against climate change. M&M’s this week released a commercial “Fans of wind” to educate the customer on the potential for renewable energy. The ad features wind blowing into the faces for young consumers and M&M customers, to prove wind energy is a powerful tool.

M&M is using a very creative commercial which engages customers on the importance of developing sustainable corporations. They are the first major food company to get all of its electricity for its US operations from renewable electricity, according to Fast Company.

Mars Inc. is going big on fighting climate change by putting down $1 billion US in sourcing sustainable food, and renewable energy. They have wind farms in Scotland, Texas, which can provide enough electricity to produce all of the world’s M&M’s. Mars Inc. is also looking to add nine wind and solar power plants by 2018. Mars expects to shed its carbon emissions by 27% by 2025, and 67% by 2050.

Climate change is going to affect food supply, and chocolate is one of those favorite foods at risk.

And finally, check out my first articles for, where I talk about the most recent US solar market report from the Solar Energy Industries Association. It makes me wonder if the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) would be willing to do a quarterly analysis of the solar markets within Canada. It would be a good thing to provide updated solar market information for consumers as it provides hints to investors on where the markets are going.

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